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Let yourself bloom! The ALOHA BABE mini collection is inspired by nature and sun. Enjoy the... more

Let yourself bloom! The ALOHA BABE mini collection is inspired by nature and sun. Enjoy the summer vibes all year long!

ALOHA BABE leggings are super feminine and body shaping thanks to its modern cut and material. Made of innovative fabrics from recycled plastics designed for active sport. Thoughtful design and special fabric will support you during the training when you need to rely on the leggings that are squat and jump proof, but also enhancing your beauty and confidence.

The combo of elastic fabric and mesh will shape your body and the essential scrunch butt effect nicely lifts your butt and thighs. The iconic NEBBIA band with tiny silicone "N"s on the inside will secure the leggings to stay in place so you don't have to scoop them up and rather concentrate on your performance!

The use of fabric is our message to support the sustainability efforts and responsible behaviour to our planet. We are sure you'll look gorgeous in the piece inspired by the beauty of Hawaii that is a symbol of the breathtaking wild nature. Together we help the planet bloom.

Slim Fit more

Slim Fit

Super soft fabric pleasant on touch Thoughtful design combined with mesh Scrunch butt effect... more

Super soft fabric pleasant on touch
Thoughtful design combined with mesh
Scrunch butt effect
Body shaping cut
Designed for a natural movement
Tri-combo of eco materials
Elastic NEBBIA band with silicone N logos inside

Wash at the maximum temperature 40°C with clothing of the same color, do not leave in water
Don´t Iron
Do not wash with clothes with zippers or sharp applications to eliminate the risk of tearing
Do not put in the dryer
Do not use fabric softener
Recycle or gift if no longer needed :)





NEBBIA STORY Who stood at the beginning of our story? Stanka and Martin, the founders of... more


Who stood at the beginning of our story? Stanka and Martin, the founders of NEBBIA, and their incredible passion and obsession for fitness and bodybuilding. It was not only thanks to their passion, but also as a result of all the sweat, pain, self-denial, and constant motivation, the journey of the company NEBBIA began in 1997.

The dream was created with the first produced piece that turned out to be successful thanks to the great NEBBIA team. The goal is to be the absolute best global fitness and bodybuilding clothing brand.

We are determined not only to create the best design, quality and functionality for you, but we also want to motivate you to relentlessly follow your own dreams, just as we do.

That is why we support the most prestigious competitions in the worldlike Mr. Olympia, Arnold Classic, EVLSand more. We dress world-class bodybuilders, bikinis, men's physique athletes to tell you the story of the best ones who set foot on the winners‘ podium thanks to their perseverance to reach their goals despite failures and falls that are an inherent part of this path.

Remind yourself of it every time you wear clothes from us. Remind yourself that no dream can be reached without pain and self-denial. Remind yourseld of the joy of achievement that comes with reaching your goal. Remind yourself of it every time you look in the mirror. Bear in mind our motto: "YES YOU CAN!".

NEBBIA FOUNDED The history of NEBBIA starts, imprinted by passion and motivation, in 1997 as a result of hard work, resilience and obsession for fitness and bodybuilding of the founders, Stanka and Martin. The first collection consists of 4 models. The design, the style and the quality meets the touhest bodybuilding requirements.

CLOTHING FOR BODYBUILDERS IS A SUCCESS Thanks to a rapid interest in our products, the assortment is expanded by other models. The first goods are exported abroad.

WOMEN WANT TO WEAR NEBBIA TOO Demand is growing, and even women demand their NEBBIA clothing. We have therefore launched the women’s collection.

NO. 1 ON SLOVAK MARKET NEBBIA becomes number 1 on the Slovak market. We continue to work with famous Slovak bodybuilders. NEBBIA team includes Ján Kus - World Master in Bodybuilding, Katka Trnovcová - Junior Master in Bodybuilding and the best Slovak fitness athlete Rado Pagáč.

NEW MATERIALS AND NEW CUSTOMERS New materials are being added to new collections, and models are made from lycra – an innovative new material on the market. The new models are available internationally - not only in Slovakia, but also in the Czech Republic and Hungary.

THE FIRST MISSTEP We incorrectly estimate the market and expand our assortment to models that are not related to bodybuilding and fitness. The collection includes thermal underwear, functional windbreakers, outdoor pants.

2004 - 2011
CONSIDERING REPOSITIONING NEBBIA We are looking for our place on the market. We are looking for the direction we would like the brand to follow.

THE BREAKTHROUGH YEAR After a difficult period we have finally found ourselves and our place! Our hearts belong to fitness and bodybuilding. That's what we really love. We want to promote this sport and make clothes for those who also live the same way we do. We remove everything from our assortment that is unrelated to fitness and we stop delivering goods to non-fitness customers.

BETTER COLLECTION, NEW TEAM, A BREATH OF FRESH AIR We are refining our collection, we include atypical models in the assortment and we are starting to create the trends. We are setting up a new NEBBIA team. We take part in major professional competitions.

WE ARE INTERNATIONAL AND WE HAVE THE FIRST PRO IN OUR TEAM We are distributing our products to 20 countries of the world (including Russia and USA). We sign the contract with the first professional bodybuilder - Sami Al Haddad.

YEAR FULL OF BIG STARS AND REVOLUTIONARY NEWS Our team is full of stars! We cooperate with top athletes – fitness athlete Oksana Grishina, bodybuilders Roelly Winklaar, Ronnie Rockel, Milan Šádek, and bikini athletes Sabina Pleváková and Tímea Trajteľová. We are the official athlete clothing partner of the biggest fitness expo in the world – Mr. Olympia! For the first time we are launching new collection for bikini fitness athletes and we dress most of the best bikini athletes. We create totally new collection for athletes competing in the men’s physique category – it’s a Aesthetic Warrior collection. At first it caused inconsistent reactions, but eventually it found its place on the market. We are number one in eastern Europe and we quickly expand to new markets.

STILL KEEP GOING We are participating at the top fitness expos of the world – FIBO, Arnold Classic Barcelona, EVLS. We are the official athlete clothing partner of the biggest fitness expo in the world – Mr. Olympia in Las Vegas for the second time in a row and we are also exhibiting there. We have added the young men’s physique athlete Ondřej Kmošťák to our team.

NEBBIA CELEBRATES 20 YEARS OF EXISTENCE We are opening our first franchise store in Prague, in the capital city of the Czech republic, in the shopping centre Galeria Harfa. We start partnership with another top athletes – Valerija Slapnik, Olívia Pohanková and Shawn Rhoden. We are again participating at the top fitness expos and for the third year we are the official sponsor of Mr. Olympia. We are celebrating – NEBBIA is 20 years old and as a celebration we have chosen to launch new unique hardcore collection for the tough men, as a return to the bodybuilding roots.

NEBBIA GROWS AT INCREDIBLE SPEED We are selling on 6 continents, in 51 countries worldwide! We open new store in Aupark Shopping Center in our capital city, Bratislava. We celebrate the first year of our franchise store in Prague and we prepare to open more stores in Olomouc and Ostrava this year. For the fourth time we are the official athlete clothing sponsor of the biggest fitness and bodybuilding competition in the world - Mr. Olympia. We come up with a brand new line of clothing Beautiful Inside & Out for women that is exceptional with new colors, cuts and materials. The motto of this collection is: „It is important to be confident, healthy and in love with our bodies. Because we are all BEAUTIFUL INSIDE & OUT.“ In summer, we unveiled the surprise - the first NEBBIA swimsuit! This year we prepared one more surprise for women. We create the line that best represent the heart and soul of NEBBIA - the new SIGNATURE LINE of Beautiful Inside & Out collection. This new line is the best we have ever produced. It is our definition of perfect. It’s all in the details. Because details matter. This year we manage to launch also new and revolutionary collection for young men - AW Line. With it, the new era of fitness clothing came! The AW Line collection is created for all men who want to be stylish, fashionable and aren‘t afraid of new trends. It is full of modern and trendy pieces, but it also provides you with the ultimate comfort during workout.

2019 :)
Our dreams are growing. Together with You and thanks to You, we will be the world number one. Welcome to NEBBIA family!