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Workout Empire Core Longline Bra Violet

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It doesn’t matter if it’s strength or values. It’s all about the core. The... mehr
Produktinformationen "Workout Empire Core Longline Bra Violet"

It doesn’t matter if it’s strength or values. It’s all about the core.

The core collection is the basics for those who are never basic, and these tights goes great with just about anything, no matter if you’re the center of attention at the club or the gym. Made to fit any occasion and workout intensity, or even when you meet your mother-in-law for the first time.
She’ll probably ask you where you got these. Don’t worry, we won’t tell her.

What makes Tech Tights so great?

Low waist design -
Flatlock seams -
Mesh panel -
State of the art fabric -
Other cool (and practical) facts:

86% nylon / 14% spandex
True to size. In between sizes? Think squats and go down
HANDS OFF! Don't hand wash this product. Instead, machine wash it in cold water (30°C) without detergent, then hang it up for air drying. You wouldn't like being thrown into a tumble dryer either, right?

What makes Core Longline Bra so great?

Great fit for all occasions - The Swiss Army knife of longline bras. We asked the Swiss Army to include it in their uniform. We’re still waiting for a response.
Carved armhole - For maximum mobility when you flex on the haters.


Workout Empire ist das angesagte, frische Fitnesslabel aus Schweden. Die Firma hat in den letzten Jahren den europäischen Fitnessmarkt im Sturm erobert.


86% Nylon  14% Spandex

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